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Customized Concrete Driveways at Your Service

Customized concrete driveways have become very popular in the last few years adding value and curb appeal to your home. With Douwes Concrete, we have lots of different options. From colour to finishes. These finishes include broom finish, swirl finish, stamped and the most popular exposed aggregate. Sand etch is a newer finish that more and more people are asking for.

Borders along driveways are very popular and often done in a different finish to separate the border from the driveway portion. If you’re after an asphalt driveway, adding a concrete border along the way will protect the edges of the asphalt and can add to the overall appearance of your driveway.

The experienced professionals at Douwes Concrete will walk you through all of your options regarding the design of your desired driveway and the costs associated with it.

Concrete driveway services

The first thing required to install a concrete driveway is determining the space you want to fill. One of our experts will come to your home and survey the available area in front of your house. While there, we can decide together the best design that will go best with your home’s overall aesthetics as well as surroundings. There are several options to choose from including colour, stamp, and finish. Douwes Concrete has several services that should cover what you require for a driveway including:

1. Process:

Here are a few steps to expect with our driveway construction:

  • Go over the area and discuss the scope of the project, includes discussion over size, shape, colour and finishes
  • Excavation – complete removal of the existing driveway and the earth beneath
  • Complete a new base of gravel for the driveway, all fresh gravel brought in and well packed for a solid base
  • Set up and pour the new driveway, always reinforced with the necessary steel

2. Driveway Maintenance

Frequent maintenance is not required for concrete driveways. However, you should have maintenance performed at least once a year to avoid cracks and dents. We fully understand that maintaining concrete driveways is not known to everyone, which is why we offer maintenance services to our customers.

  • Sealing the surface is always recommended – Does your existing driveway need a fresh coat of sealer? We’ll mend your current driveway and give it a fresh coat of seal. That seal may get damaged by our harsh Canadian winters, so we will gladly come over and reapply the sealant to prevent cracks and bursts in your driveway.

3. Repairing driveways

In addition to installing, we also perform repairs on concrete driveways. We can always come out and have a look to see if we can fix any issues and improve the state of your current concrete driveway.

Consider Douwes Concrete as your go-to concrete driveway contractor. Our concrete driveways not only look excellent but also increase your home’s value. Your investment today can help you earn significantly more in the future.

When thinking of your next concrete project at your home or business in the Simcoe or Norfolk area, think of Douwes Concrete. Our customer satisfaction is what we aim to achieve. In addition to driveways, we also service barns, pool decks, patios, and warehouses.

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