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Concrete Pool Decks

Safety is something that weighs on the mind when a pool is installed in a backyard. A concrete pool deck keeps swimmers and onlookers alike safe by leveling the surface from the edge of the pool and the surrounding area. Your deck can also be extended to include recreational and relaxation areas including outdoor living spaces, bar, pool room and more.

Pool decks make pool cleaning a breeze. Concrete pool decks can also hold more water than wood decks, so cleaning it with your hose won’t lead to rot and bowing due to excess water.

The services we offer for concrete pool decks have a wide range of possibilities depending on your needs.

1.Concrete Pool Deck Construction

If you just had a pool installed in your backyard or are wanting a concrete deck surrounding your pool, we will gladly come and install it for you. We will come and measure the area and discuss the design you want.

For design, you have endless options. From colour, design and pattern. You can have concrete with several finishes including flagstone, coloured concrete, or brick. We can even give slip-resistant concrete to ensure the safety of those walking around the pool.

2.Pool Deck Leveling

If your pool was installed in your backyard and the border around the pool isn’t level with your grass, we will come and level it out with a concrete pool deck to prevent injuries from those walking too close to the pool area or those wanting to run and dive into the pool.

Leveling out the area surrounding your pool is just like installing. We will come and measure the area to ensure how much concrete we will need. The only difference is we already have an edge to work around, as opposed to making our own.

3.Pool Deck Repair

If you see cracks, dents, bursts or any one damage, we will gladly come repair it for you. Whether you need a new coat of sealant to prevent the cracks, or repair pieces of concrete that were damaged, we have the equipment to help.

If you are in need of a pool deck or have one that needs repair, contact Douwes Concrete. We also offer services for patios, barns, warehouses, and driveways. Contact us today to liven up your home with a small slab of concrete.

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