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Concrete sidewalk in Simcoe and Norfolk area

High Quality Sidewalks

If you need sidewalks put into your property, Douwes Concrete can help you. Our team of professional contractors have many years of experience constructing high-quality concrete sidewalks. We can provide you with the best concrete sidewalks and steps.

There are many benefits to using concrete for your home, and we will make sure that you get the most out of your concrete sidewalk. Our team will use their expertise to work out a clear plan for your concrete project, and you will be able to give input and follow the process and results the entire way. If you are looking for concrete sidewalks and steps in the Norfolk or Simcoe area, call Douwes Concrete and let us know what we can do for you.

Douwes Concrete provides only the best concrete material for our sidewalk jobs. If you’re still not convinced of the immense benefits concrete offers, here are some additional pros:


  • Concrete is solid and customizable, its layer can be set at any thickness or depth requested for your property
  • A concrete slab provides a strong base that can support a large amount of weight, allowing you to place heavy objects without worrying about cracks to the foundation
  • If done properly, concrete is not slippery. If your existing surface is slippery, we can usually fix the issue with a fresh seal that will add protection against potential slips and falls.

Easy Maintenance

  • Little to no maintenance can be required
  • A new sidewalk can really clean up the exterior of your home, especially if there is gravel or grass in place currently. We will help keep the gravel and dirt outside your house and off your shoes
  • Having a new sidewalk can make snow clearing easier and cleaner in the winter


  • Provides a safe entrance into your home
  • Unlike pavers and patio stones, concrete doesn’t shift or sink. Tripping hazards can be eliminated
  • Concrete is customizable to create safe and comfortable steps and landings, making getting up and down safer
  • Concrete is quite durable and can last for a lifetime


  • When placed around the foundation of your home, sidewalks can protect the area from damage
  • For example, a load of water from rain or snow can buildup and cause damage to the foundation
  • Concrete makes the water drain away easier and keeps the entire landscape safer from structural damage

Great Finishes

  • Sidewalks can be customized to any aesthetic, colouring, or pattern you want, the material allows for many options
  • Easy to match the aesthetic with any style you have for your house

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